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project durango.



Founded in 2020, Project Durango is a contemporary environmental company dedicated to sustainability, helping individuals like you make an impact while moving the needle towards a greener tomorrow.


Here at Project Durango we are working with people and businesses alike to find simple and sometimes even lucrative techniques to help reduce their environmental impact. Much like you, we were, and continue to be, frustrated with the lack of response to global warming and the current climate crisis. We each had struggled to find realistic individual projects but now we have teamed up here at Project Durango to change that. We are now providing individuals with simple things they can do that have real, lasting impacts.


We are working everyday to aid individuals and households in finding ways that they can change their everyday habits, as well as urging local businesses to make simple changes that will benefit both them and the environment. an example of this would be our current project, "white roofing 2020-21." 


Set an example for the rest of the community and sign up now to save on air conditioning costs and promote sustainability!