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At Project Durango we are working to help people and businesses alike find simple and often lucrative ways for them to help reduce their environmental impact. We have felt concerned with the lack of response to climate change. With Project Durango our team aims to promote a mindset of sustainability through the work that we do in our hometown. Through our "projects" and initiatives we are creating a more sustainable community, state, nation, and planet. Additionally we have raised money for fire relief in our first year to show our commitment to not only combating the climate crisis, but also aiding those who have been effected by it. 

upcoming projects.

We have already began to promote sustainability on a local level with our the white roofing project. Homes and businesses that have dark, sun-soaking roofs are susceptible to inflated air conditioning costs and wear to their roof. We offer a way to reduce the energy expenditure of local homes and business through our program by painting the roofs a reflective white color. This will simultaneously be helping to minimize the environmental footprint of that home/business through reversing the urban heat island effect. (read more in our projects tab) To save thousands and do your part in slowing the warming of our earth, contact us now to get a quote and/or more information!

Monthly Featured Endangered Species!

We are beginning a campaign that will featured one endangered plant or animal each month in an effort to raise awareness for these impacted species and hopefully spark some course of action within our communities!


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